Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack InjuriesHiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

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Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

Hey there, I am Erin Arnolds. I was simply walking down the street a year ago, minding my own business, when a dog burst out from behind a house and attacked me. I was helpless to protect myself from the ferocious bites and scratches from that angry animal. Neighbors finally came out and pulled the dog off me, which ended up saving my life. At the hospital, I received hundreds of stitches and stayed in a medically induced coma for several weeks. Upon coming out of the coma, I immediately called a lawyer to receive help suing the dog owners for the attack. I needed to have my hospital bills and lost wages covered by the owners of that vicious dog. Due to that experience, I created this site to help others learn how to hire a lawyer and obtain compensation for injuries caused by a dog attack.


Hiring A Workers' Comp Attorney To Handle Your Litigation

An on-the-job injury can disrupt your life and threaten your ability to earn an income for your family. Depending on the injury's severity, it may prevent you from returning to work and could significantly threaten your finances.

Your best resource might be to take legal action against your employer. You can determine what kind of action to take and pursue it fully by hiring an experienced workers' comp attorney to represent you.

Filing a Lawsuit

When you and your employer are at a stalemate about your case, you may try to force a resolution to it by filing a lawsuit. Your workers' comp attorney can file a lawsuit against your employer and the company's insurer to recoup the compensation to which you are entitled. This lawsuit can compel the insurer and company to pay out damages to you, and provide you with benefits that you rightfully should have access to under your state's personal injury laws.

Your workers' comp attorney can request the court award you a judgment for costs like medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and prescriptions that you might have had to pay out of your own pocket so far. They can make sure you get compensated for all of the damages you can rightfully sue for under your state's laws.

Taking a Settlement

Your employer and the company's insurer may not want to endure a lengthy lawsuit and trial, however. Both might want to settle with you out-of-court to close the case and move on from it quickly.

Your workers' comp attorney can meet with representatives from both the employer and insurer to work out a fair settlement for you. They will make sure any proposed settlement covers expenses you have had to pay on your own. Your workers' comp attorney may also ensure the settlement has enough left over to pay you for punitive damages you have suffered.

You may avoid having to go to court and wait out a lengthy trial to find out if you can win your case. Your workers' comp attorney can push for a settlement if your employer and the insurer show signs of not wanting to take the matter to court.

A workers' comp attorney can help you with litigation after you are hurt at work. They can file a lawsuit and sue for damages in court. Your lawyer can also negotiate a settlement between your employer and the insurance company.

For more information, contact a workers' comp lawyer in your area.