Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack InjuriesHiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

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Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

Hey there, I am Erin Arnolds. I was simply walking down the street a year ago, minding my own business, when a dog burst out from behind a house and attacked me. I was helpless to protect myself from the ferocious bites and scratches from that angry animal. Neighbors finally came out and pulled the dog off me, which ended up saving my life. At the hospital, I received hundreds of stitches and stayed in a medically induced coma for several weeks. Upon coming out of the coma, I immediately called a lawyer to receive help suing the dog owners for the attack. I needed to have my hospital bills and lost wages covered by the owners of that vicious dog. Due to that experience, I created this site to help others learn how to hire a lawyer and obtain compensation for injuries caused by a dog attack.


3 Major Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Have you recently suffered in an accident that was caused by somebody else? Are the insurance companies telling you information that seems to conflict with itself and to push the blame somewhere else? Insurance companies aren't in the business of paying out money to everyone who wants it. Although they do provide insurance services, their main goal is to make as much money for shareholders as possible. This means that they also want to pay out on as few claims as possible. To ensure that you're able to get the money you deserve, you're most likely going to have to hire a personal injury attorney. Some of the advantages of this option include the following.

Less red tape

An experienced personal injury attorney knows from past cases exactly what an insurance company wants to see as part of the claims process, despite the conflicting information you're getting from the various insurance agents. In most cases, the person you're talking to on the phone has no ability to actually influence whether or not your claim gets processed. They may be new or there may be other reasons for not giving you the right information. Your lawyer will be able to help you cut through this red tape so that your claim can be processed.

Better credibility

Filing false insurance claims is often seen as an "easy" way to get a lot of money in a short amount of time. Despite this being untrue, people continue to attempt to file false claims and the insurance companies have to treat everyone as being a suspect as a result. Hiring a personal injury attorney will almost certainly boost your credibility instantly. They will see that you were able to convince a 3rd party that you have a case, causing them to take a better look at your claims. You and your attorney may not even have to do anything in particular before you receive a satisfactory settlement offer.

More money

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be owed more compensation than you're seeking right now. You might think that a few thousand is good enough, but if the injuries are going to seriously impact your work then it may not be even half of what you should be getting. Based on past clients and their knowledge, your personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if you're actually owed more money than you initially thought and how easy it might be to obtain that money from the insurance company.