Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack InjuriesHiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

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Hiring An Attorney For Dog Attack Injuries

Hey there, I am Erin Arnolds. I was simply walking down the street a year ago, minding my own business, when a dog burst out from behind a house and attacked me. I was helpless to protect myself from the ferocious bites and scratches from that angry animal. Neighbors finally came out and pulled the dog off me, which ended up saving my life. At the hospital, I received hundreds of stitches and stayed in a medically induced coma for several weeks. Upon coming out of the coma, I immediately called a lawyer to receive help suing the dog owners for the attack. I needed to have my hospital bills and lost wages covered by the owners of that vicious dog. Due to that experience, I created this site to help others learn how to hire a lawyer and obtain compensation for injuries caused by a dog attack.


Use These Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Modifying Your Divorce Decree

There are many reasons why you may seek to amend your divorce agreement. For example, change in circumstances may make it difficult to adhere to the divorce decree. Alternatively, you may be seeking for a modification to increase your contact with the children. Whatever your reason for seeking such an amendment, you stand a better chance of succeeding if you do the following.

Try an Out of Court Settlement

You don't have to battle your divorce decree change in court; there is an option of making an out-of-court agreement. Therefore, instead of rushing to court, try to talk with the other parent first. If you do agree, then (depending on your jurisdiction) the court may consider it an Uncontested Amendment, which means you don't need a hearing; you just file the agreement in court.

Exhibit a Model Behavior

You stand a higher chance of succeeding if you have been keeping your part of the decree since the divorce. This means your behavior should not suggest that you are already chasing the decree before you make the modification legal. For example, if you are seeking to modify child support, you should make all your payments (in full) in a timely manner until the issue is resolved in court. Your model behavior should be clear both in and out of court.

Different forms of positive behavior that may help you in court include

  • Staying in contact with your child as much as possible
  • Getting involved in your child's school activities, for example, attending his o her sporting activities
  • Having a calm but positive demeanor in court

Have a Reasonable Request

Lastly, you stand a better chance of getting your desired modification if your request is reasonable. This is true even if you are seeking an out-of-court amendment or you have a court battle ahead of you. For example, it may be that your job mandated frequent overnight trips when the decree was issued, and you could not have the children overnight in your house. If the situation has changed, and you now have a job or positions without nighttime travels, then it is reasonable to request such a change.

You should know that you don't need a lawyer to modify your divorce decree. However, your chances of succeeding increase tremendously if you do hire one. The process is not easy if it goes to court; you need to make a strong case (especially if your ex-partner has model behavior). Talk to a professional like Karp Law Offices for more advice.