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Why Defense Attorneys Are Worth The Price

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If you get caught up in the criminal justice system, whether you are innocent or guilty, you will be faced with choosing a lawyer. If your funds are low, you may be given a public defender. However, if you have any way at all to retain your own attorney, like one from DANZ LAW OFFICE LLC, you need to do so. Having a professional with a proven record on your side can prevent your life from being ruined.  Cost The cost of a defense attorney will depend on a number of factors: the severity of your case, your willingness to settle, and the cost of preparing for a possible trial. The median fee for a defense attorney is $1500, but you will pay more for most felony charges. Also, a lawyer will charge around $1000 a day during a trial. Of course, if you hire a renowned attorney, the price will be much higher. You can also expect to pay several thousand dollars as an initial retainer. In short, you will need a significant amount of cash to pay for a good attorney. Benefits Although television legal shows often get “creative” with their depiction of the court system, they do get one thing right. Court appointed attorneys often do not offer you the best defense. These lawyers may be skilled professionals, but they often have excessive case loads. Also, their motivation to fight for you specifically may not be that high. When you hire a lawyer with a proven track record, you will pay more, but your chance of staying out of jail rises. A lawyer who belongs to  an established firm has a team of employees to do research that can strengthen your case. Also, if your lawyer has a good reputation, the prosecution may be more willing to settle rather than take their chances with a jury. Although you certainly want to protect your financial assets, mortgaging your house or taking other somewhat extreme measures to pay your lawyer can pay off in the long run. After all, going to jail for months or years is not only psychologically devastating; it is a financial disaster as well.  No matter what, if you are charged with a crime, you need to hire a good defense lawyer. Swallow your pride and borrow money from your parents and friends. Liquidate assets or take out a second mortgage on your house. Just be certain to get the type of representation that you...

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3 BIG Financial Changes You Need To Make Before Filing For Divorce

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While in some cases divorce is a thing that happens suddenly, in most cases this is one drastic life change that you can foresee coming several months before the legal process ever begins. If you are pretty certain that your marriage is heading for a divorce, it is definitely time to start thinking differently, especially when it comes to finances. If you have not fully separated your financial life from your current spouse’s by the time you file, things can get really sticky when the two of you part ways. Here are a few major financial changes you need to make before filing for a divorce.  Take back possession of any credit cards you have in your name When two people are united in marriage, it is not at all uncommon for the wife to use the husband’s credit cards or vice versa. However, if there is a divorce on the horizon, you do not want to leave a credit card in the hands of your soon to be ex. If your spouse wants a way to get back at you, charging up a huge amount of credit card debt in your name may be just the perfect way for them to do it. Go ahead and get your cards back, and if they will not give them to you, call the company and request the card be cancelled and have a new card shipped to a safe address if the two of you still live at the same residence.  Separate joint accounts at the bank or with creditors If at all possible, make sure every account you opened together as a couple either gets closed or reverted back to solely one of you or the other. Holding joint accounts when you file for a divorce will just be another step in the asset and debt division process that can slow down the process. The more you can get these types of joint accounts separated and closed before you file, the faster the process will go.  Avoid making new major purchases Pretty much anything you purchase before you are legally divorced can be considered joint property and may have to be divided or sold because it was obtained while the two of you were still married. So if you are eyeballing a new car, home, or even furniture and you know a divorce is bound to happen it is usually best to hold off on these major purchases until after the divorce is final.  For more information, contact companies like Backus Law Group....

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Four Things Not To Say To The Insurer After A Car Accident

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If you have been involved in a car accident, whether it was your fault or not, there are certain things you do not want to say to the insurer because it can hurt your case. This is especially true if the case is not cut and dry, meaning that it has yet to be determined who is truly at fault for the accident. Most of these types of cases will be taken to court, so you want to keep your side of the case strong. Here are four things you should not say to the insurer after the accident: “I Have Whiplash”  Mentioning that you have whiplash sends up red flags for the insurer, because many people have claimed to have whiplash just so they can get more out of the compensation they receive. This is going to lead the insurer to pursue fighting your claims even harder. Instead, leave these statements to be made by your doctor. Right after the accident, you should go to your doctor for a thorough exam. Your doctor will determine whether or not you have any injuries resulting from the accident. They will write these facts down and you can use this documentation to your advantage to help prove injuries.  “I’m Fine” Even if you feel fine after the car accident, you should never make the claim that you are fine, not even to the opposite driver involved in the case. This is because once you mention this, it can be used against you if any injuries come up in the future. Again, you should let all claims about your health be left to your doctor.  “I’m Sorry” Never mention that you are sorry for the accident, especially if the accident may have only been partially your fault. This is because once you mention that you are sorry, it proves admission of guilt, which will be held against you. This can lead to you not receiving any compensation at all for any of the damages that may have actually been caused by the opposite driver. Instead, you will be responsible for all damages yourself.  “Yes, I Will Give a Recorded Statement” When you are talking with the insurer, they may ask that you provide a recorded statement. The reason they do this is because they want to use your recorded statement to catch anything that may be held against you to make the opposite driver’s case stronger. Always deny this, since you can never be forced into giving a recorded statement.  When you know what four things not to say, you can be sure that your case stays strong and nothing you say can be held against you. For further help, you should hire a car accident lawyer who will have the experience and knowledge of what should and should not be said. Your lawyer will be able to talk to the insurer for you so that you are able to completely avoid making any of these comments.  Speak to legal professionals like Allison & Rickards, Attorneys at Law, LLC for more...

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3 Steps to Take If You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work

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If there is one thing that you shouldn’t have to worry about when you go to work, it’s sexual harassment. Unfortunately, however, this can be more common than you think. If you are the victim of sexual harassment—or if you think that harassment is going on but aren’t sure if what you’re dealing with qualifies as harassment—then you should take steps to protect yourself. These are three steps that you should take in this situation. 1. Document Everything First of all, it is important to document as much as you can in regard to the harassment. Keeping any work emails, text messages, or phone messages that are inappropriate is important. Documenting the harassment by jotting down a brief description of what happened and the approximate time and date can help you establish a timeline for the behavior. If you have photographs, videos, or other evidence of what has happened, make sure that you keep it in a safe place. 2. Communicate with a Superior You should not have to go through this type of situation on your own. Instead, you should look for a superior whom you trust and feel comfortable with to report the harassment. If it is a member of management who is participating in the behavior, don’t be afraid to go over his or her head to a higher supervisor. You can also talk to someone in the human resources department of your company to find out what you should do to take action. 3. Hire an Attorney If you aren’t getting the support that you think you should be getting from your superiors at work or the HR department, or if you aren’t completely sure if you are being harassed and would like some clarification, then you should not be afraid to talk to a sexual harassment lawyer about the situation. A sexual harassment lawyer can talk to you a little more about your situation and can help you determine if the behavior is, in fact, sexual harassment. He or she can also tell you how to proceed with the situation and can advocate for you when needed. As you can see, there are steps that you should take to protect yourself if you are sexually harassed at work. Follow these steps and you can take action to help protect yourself from this behavior. Plus, doing something about it can also help prevent others in the office from having to go through the same thing. Find a sexual harassment lawyer at a firm like Campbell, Dille, Barnett & Smith,...

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Discuss These Three Talking Points With Your Personal Injury Attorney

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When you feel inclined to pursue legal action following an injury, your first order of business is to hire an attorney, like the ones at GSJones Law Group, P.S., who specializes in cases similar to yours. A little research on the Internet should provide you with a list of personal injury attorneys in your area. Even if you’re in a hurry to partner with one and get your legal proceedings started, it’s beneficial to take a little time to talk to a few, share some information about your case and cover a few talking points that can help you evaluate which attorney will be the best match for you. Here are three topics that are worthwhile to cover. Settlement Pros And Cons Many personal injury cases end with a settlement. For the client, the process of being offered what can often be a substantial sum of money can be enough to end the legal proceedings. In your conversation with each attorney, ask about the likelihood of receiving a settlement, what the settlement value might be and whether it would be better to decline the offer and go to trial. Based on the strengths of your case and with knowledge gleaned from similar cases in the past, each attorney will provide you with information to evaluate as you attempt to decide which person to hire. Responsibilities For You Even though it will be your attorney who will direct the legal proceedings on your behalf, you will be expected to play a key role in several ways. Ask each attorney about what responsibilities you’ll need to address in the days and weeks ahead. This simple question should initiate a valuable discussion about your role and what’s expected of you. For example, you’ll often be asked to attend medical evaluations in a timely manner so that the injuries you sustained during the incident in question can be meticulously documented by the attorney’s team of medical experts and investigators. Challenges In Your Case Once you’ve briefly outlined your case and answered a series of questions, it’s useful to ask each attorney for a brief outline of any challenges that you might be facing. Based on their experience, the attorneys should be able to easily point out weak areas in your case or issues that could pose problems. It’s not enough to simply identify these challenges – you should also look for each attorney to discuss solutions that he or she would use to overcome these...

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It’s Time To Leave Your Marriage: 4 Questions Your Attorney Will Need You To Answer

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The marriage is over. It’s time to sit down with a family law attorney. If you’re like most people, you’re going to have a lot of questions for your attorney. It’s important to note that they’re going to have some questions for you, too. Don’t be caught off guard. Those questions are designed to help your attorney understand your case and learn as much as they can about your situation. Here are just a few of the questions your attorney may ask you at your first appointment. Are You the Victim of Domestic Abuse? If you’re the victim of domestic violence, you need to notify your attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to help you obtain a restraining order that can protect you from your spouse. You don’t have to let fear control your life. Your attorney can make sure you get the help you need. Who Wants the Divorce? The circumstances surrounding your divorce is information your attorney will need to know. Be ready to explain who wants the divorce. For instance, do you both want the divorce? Or will one of you be contesting? This information will help your attorney plan the correct legal strategy for you. How Long Were You Married? When it comes to spousal support and the division of property, the courts often consider how long you and your spouse were married. In some states, a lengthy marriage may increase the spousal support payments as well as the duration of those payments. Whether you’ll be receiving or paying spousal support, your attorney will need to know how long you were married in order to properly prepare your settlement agreement. Will Either of You Be Retiring Soon? You might not think this information will have any bearing on your divorce. However, when it comes to retirement accounts, they’re considered joint property. This is particularly true if you and your spouse have been married for more than ten years. Your attorney will need to know about any retirement accounts you and your spouse have. They’ll also need to know if you and your spouse were married when the retirement account was opened. If you were married when the account was opened, it will be considered joint property. If you’ve decided to file for divorce, you need to speak to an attorney. Be prepared with questions for your attorney at your first appointment. It’s also important that you be prepared for any questions they may have for you. The questions provided above will help you get ready to sit down with your attorney. Contact legal professionals like Greenberg Walden & Grossman to learn...

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3 Things to Avoid during a Child Custody Battle

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Divorce can already be a hard enough time for anyone without the daunting challenge of deciding which parent will be given custody of their children. Child custody battles are common among divorcees and not knowing much about how proceedings work can put you at a disadvantage when trying to get custody of your child. Here are some important things to know to avoiding doing when going through proceedings for child custody.  Don’t Make the Case about Your Spouse Child custody, at its core, seeks to find what’s best for the child and this often determines who the child will end up with primarily. The knee jerk reaction can be to smear your spouse’s reputation, especially during messier divorces. However, you should instead focus on how you can benefit the child most despite the feelings you may harbor about your partner. Constantly smearing the other partner in the relationship might lead to the judge feeling like you only want custody to spite the other party, which can have a severe negative impact on your chances for achieving custody. As such, try to remain civil with your partner and don’t openly display any hostilities you might have as this can make you seem less level-headed and in turn weigh negatively on how the court views you as a person.   Don’t Bring Up Mental Problems It can be expected that you might need to talk to a psychologist or mental health therapist when going through a divorce and custody battle as the whole process can be draining on your mental health. However, you shouldn’t bring up any of these problems during a court hearing. It might seem like at first that this will make you appear more sympathetic to the court. However, directly claiming to have any sort of mental disorder or inability to cope with the situation will put you at risk for not gaining custody of your child as it makes you seem unstable and more likely to not be able to provide for your child emotionally.  Don’t Immediately Move in with a New Partner Divorce is already hard on children as they often have to grapple with the idea of why they are no longer going to be living with both their parents. As such, it can be equally distressing to suddenly have a new person thrown into the mix. Courts are often aware of how this sudden change can affect the child’s well-being and it can and will factor into the decision that is made. So, even if you are seeing someone, you should definitely wait to introduce them into the child’s life after everything is finalized. It’ll be best for all parties this way. So, hopefully, by knowing these three things not to do when fighting for child custody you can help avoid hampering your case regardless of whether or not you are the mother or the father of the...

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Answers To Frequently Asked Commercial Litigation Questions

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Running a business is a highly difficult task that carries a unique range of rewards and risks. Unfortunately, legal risks and disputes are a common issue that business owners must constantly address. While it is theoretically possible for a person to handle all of these issues on their own, business law is an extremely dense and complicated field, and you will almost always be better served by seeking the services of an attorney experienced with commercial litigation. However, if you are new to hiring an attorney, there may be a couple of questions you have about these professionals.  Why Would You Need A Commercial Lawyer? Most businesses have numerous contracts with suppliers, distributors, affiliates and employees that must be followed. Unfortunately, there may be instances where the other party fails to uphold their end of the contract or there may be a dispute over the meaning of the contract. When these issues arise, litigation may be the only way of formally settling the matter.  However, contract disputes are not the only reasons why these services can be useful. There are many government regulations that businesses must follow, and failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in major legal action. By using the services of a business lawyer, you can ensure that you are advised by an experienced professional through the process of meeting these requirements.  How Do You Pay A Commercial Lawyer? Sadly, there are many business leaders that will not use the services of these professionals because they are under the impression that it will be very difficult to pay them. Much of this belief stems from the idea that there is no way to forecast how much it will cost to use these services for a variety of tasks. However, many professionals will work on a retainer payment system.  Under this system, you will pay a flat fee to the attorney, and this fee will reserve their services for future matters. When you encounter a problem that may require legal help, you can contact the attorney, and they will provide you with an estimate for what resolving the matter would cost. If you decide to pursue the issue, this cost will simply be taken out of the retainer fee. While this payment arrangement may sound complex, it can allow your business the flexibility of having legal services ready at their disposal without having to dip into current revenues.  When your business becomes involved in a legal dispute, it is essential to ensure you are properly represented. Knowing the services a commercial lawyer like D.B. Clark Law Office can provide your business and the benefits of paying a retainer will help ensure that your business has a plan in place the next time a legal problem...

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Getting Into Environmental Law: What Your Work Will Likely Entail

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Environmental law is a type of legal practice where the main focus is human impact on the environment. It entails creating and signing treaties, making sure companies are following customs, and ensuring that certain laws and guidelines are practiced for the overall benefit of the environment. You may want to get into environmental law because you want to make a huge difference in the world, or you want to get into a legal career that will give you a sense of purpose. Before you jump into this type of legal work, learn what you can expect to do on a daily basis. Volunteer work Working in environmental law is very competitive, and there are often more environmental law attorneys than there are paying legal cases to go around. For this reason, much of your career will likely be spen doing volunteer work. Many people who want to get into protecting the environment find that volunteer work for legal aid helps them not only find out if their passion really is in protecting the planet, it aids them in getting solid work with companies in the future. Expect a lot of volunteer work when you first start getting your feet wet in practicing this type of law. The cases you can expect Most of your cases will be on an individual basis, working with companies who need to get approved for certain equipment, helping corporations clear their name when they have been involved in the media over pollution, and assistance in court for reporting spills and other environmental offenses. Very rarely will you land a large case that has a huge impact on making that world difference you are probably hoping for (think: Erin Brockovich), but you may get the opportunity to help businesses stay in compliance with local and national environmental laws. How to get paid work The reality is, most people who want assistance with actually protecting the environment either don’t have the power or the resources to get their voices heard on their own. The work you will do will be largely on a pro bono basis, and money you do make will be donated by facilities who are helping a positive cause. You can up your chances of landing paying work by volunteering for non-governmental agencies, legal aid, and even in your local community as you get your name out there and prove your dedication to various causes. This way, when paying work is available, you are the environmental law attorney that people will turn to first. Working in environmental law is a very important legal endeavor that must not be taken lightly. Since this is a career where you will often find yourself working on small cases at a time, you need to make sure you do a lot of volunteering to help grab the attention of environmentalists and companies who need lawyers like you who will help them make a positive impact on the world. Talk to other experts like Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke-Chartered for more...

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Use These Tips To Increase Your Chances Of Modifying Your Divorce Decree

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There are many reasons why you may seek to amend your divorce agreement. For example, change in circumstances may make it difficult to adhere to the divorce decree. Alternatively, you may be seeking for a modification to increase your contact with the children. Whatever your reason for seeking such an amendment, you stand a better chance of succeeding if you do the following. Try an Out of Court Settlement You don’t have to battle your divorce decree change in court; there is an option of making an out-of-court agreement. Therefore, instead of rushing to court, try to talk with the other parent first. If you do agree, then (depending on your jurisdiction) the court may consider it an Uncontested Amendment, which means you don’t need a hearing; you just file the agreement in court. Exhibit a Model Behavior You stand a higher chance of succeeding if you have been keeping your part of the decree since the divorce. This means your behavior should not suggest that you are already chasing the decree before you make the modification legal. For example, if you are seeking to modify child support, you should make all your payments (in full) in a timely manner until the issue is resolved in court. Your model behavior should be clear both in and out of court. Different forms of positive behavior that may help you in court include Staying in contact with your child as much as possible Getting involved in your child’s school activities, for example, attending his o her sporting activities Having a calm but positive demeanor in court Have a Reasonable Request Lastly, you stand a better chance of getting your desired modification if your request is reasonable. This is true even if you are seeking an out-of-court amendment or you have a court battle ahead of you. For example, it may be that your job mandated frequent overnight trips when the decree was issued, and you could not have the children overnight in your house. If the situation has changed, and you now have a job or positions without nighttime travels, then it is reasonable to request such a change. You should know that you don’t need a lawyer to modify your divorce decree. However, your chances of succeeding increase tremendously if you do hire one. The process is not easy if it goes to court; you need to make a strong case (especially if your ex-partner has model behavior). Talk to a professional like Karp Law Offices for more...

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